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DNR on deeper wells vs. municipal water supply

Last week, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sent us a letter on the work being done to provide a long-term,…

Response to Letters Received from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

We are reviewing DNR’s letters and will discuss them with the agency after we have had a thorough chance to…

Update on the municipal water line

There has been a lot of discussion about our proposed plan to connect Township residents in the study area to…

Latest Letter to Residents

We recently sent a letter to community members about our overall approach to bringing a long-term supply of clean drinking…

Update from Township of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors Meeting

Last week, the Township of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors granted us the approvals necessary to allow us to survey the…

Statement regarding proposed PFAS standards

The following statement was issued by Tyco in response to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommendation on establishing a…


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