Video: Surface water treatment systems

At the end of last year, we completed construction and installation of a system that treats and removes PFOS and PFOA compounds from water running through a narrow channel at the Fire Technology Center property (known as the ‘Ditch A’ location). To date, this system has treated over 18 million gallons of water.

A similar treatment system is in the final stages of construction at another location between Shore Drive and West Bay Shore Street (known as the ‘Ditch B’ location). We have designed the structure at this location to match the adjacent building and have taken steps to limit noise levels once operational.

A few members of our team recently shot some video and narrated a short tour of the Fire Technology Center water treatment system. Finishing the installation of these treatment systems is an important step in remediating the Fire Technology Center property and we wanted to give residents an opportunity to see how they operate, as well as some of the work that went into this part of the project.

Watch the video below.