Communications with DNR

In July, Tyco Fire Products filed an Official Records Request with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) seeking information the agency had obtained from any investigations they had performed regarding the spreading of biosolids on agricultural land. You can read the letter here.

The information from the state is necessary to produce a comprehensive plan to resolve the biosolid issue. In a previous letter to WDNR, Tyco noted that “while other PFAS sources remain unidentified, their contributions to contamination remain unabated and unaddressed, precluding any comprehensive solution to the [PFAS] issue.” You can read the letter here.

Although WDNR has indicated it would respond to the request and Tyco has followed up with the WDNR several times since that time, the WDNR still has not produced any information in response.  As a result, Tyco last week sent another letter to the WDNR requesting the information. You can read the letter here.