Deep Well Agreements Sent to PWSA Residents

September 19, 2022

Deep Well Agreements Sent to PWSA Residents

Includes information on how Deep Wells will be constructed & tested

Tyco recently mailed Deep Well Agreements and related information to well owners in the Potable Well Sampling Area (PWSA) who are not located in the area that may seek annexation. Tyco is offering to provide Deep Wells as a long-term water solution in the PWSA at the request of well owners after months of two-way communications directly with them.

The mailing included information explaining how we tested the water in the deep aquifer and it passed the test—it is a good drinking water source. We also share how deep wells are designed and will be built by Tyco to ensure good quality water today and into the future.  We provided this information to WDNR as part of our ongoing discussions with them.  We welcomed WDNR’s Sept. 8, 2022 letter and are grateful for our work with them to move now to build deep wells in a manner that ensures  good, clean water for neighbors who have been waiting too long for relief. As the WDNR said in their letter, many neighbors want deep wells and have said so.  They deserve to have those wells now. Tyco is grateful for the direction and is ready to execute now.

The Deep Well Fact sheet included in the mailing and posted here also lays out the testing that will be done and states that if PFAS is detected above enforceable drinking water levels, Tyco will work in cooperation with property owner(s) and DNR to determine appropriate next steps to ensure safe drinking water. The Agreement does not require citizens to release claims against Tyco related to water quality. Tyco is a long-standing neighbor, and we will be here for the long run.