GETS Effectively Treating PFAS in Groundwater

The GETS system has now begun the next phase of operation called “Startup” that includes operation of multiple wells at the same time while optimizing operation of individual GETS treatment system units. During this time, not all wells were operational at the same time, which resulted in the varying PFAS levels for the influent water.

Soon the GETS will ramp up to its full operational pumping rates. Tyco is working with the WDNR under an approved monitoring plan to track GETS progress, while also continuing testing and reporting in accordance with our WPDES discharge permit. The system has successfully treated all water to well below our discharge limits (see below dashboard for our results).

We will continue to update the GETS System dashboard with data on a monthly basis.  Note that there is a one-month lag in the data due to long turnaround times at the lab.