June Community Letter

This month, we have a number of updates to share. In May, we submitted a 1,000-page Site Investigation Report to the WDNR outlining the work we have done to investigate the contamination. Additionally, we resumed biosolids testing for the remaining 73 wells in Porterfield, and adapted enhanced safety protocols to protect the community and our people.

We have also been working with the WDNR on some topics. As a result, we have proposed to the agency to take additional steps to expand the network of monitoring wells around the existing study area and to help identify the sources of PFAS in the areas south and west of the Fire Technology Center (FTC).

We have also agreed to expand our monitoring and collection of foam in local waterways to include Ditches A, D and E. As we explain in the letter, we cannot agree with the WDNR on everything they have asked, as the science and data demonstrate that these areas are not connected to the FTC, and that the relevant responsible sources need to be identified to ensure there is clean water in the community. Lastly, we have asked the WDNR to retract its April 23 letter citing the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sampled water at Ditch A, as the letter contains statements that are false.

Click here to view a copy of our June letter.