Long-Term Drinking Water Supply Update

Facilitated discussions with all interested parties to begin by the end of September. 

Good news! Progress has been made to start discussions with all interested parties about a long-term drinking water solution for residents impacted by PFAS from historic operations at Tyco’s Fire Technology Center (FTC). Tyco is heartened and ready to get to work!

Positive Meeting between Town of Peshtigo Supervisors, DNR and Tyco

On Friday, July 30, representatives from Tyco and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) attended a Special Town of Peshtigo Supervisors Meeting to provide information and address questions about the process to identify and deliver long-term, permanent drinking water.

Tyco requested this meeting on April 13, 2021 and is encouraged by this initial, positive discussion. Katie McGinty, senior executive overseeing remediation efforts at the FTC and a former Secretary of Environmental Protection; and Mary Gade, Former EPA Regional Administrator and lead Tyco consultant on the water supply,  attended in person to provide information and answer questions. As a follow-up, Tyco sent the Board studies of water options previously conducted by Tyco/ Arcadis, as well as an independent study conducted by Cedar Corp on behalf of the Town of Peshtigo, which was funded by Tyco. To date, Tyco has paid $162,000 for consultants hired by the Town and is committed to paying for the technical and legal resources necessary to support the Town in its consideration of clean water options.

DNR to Lead Discussions with All Interested Parties Guided by a Professional Facilitator

Christine Haag, Director of Remediation & Redevelopment Program at DNR, also shared at the meeting that Senior Leaders of the DNR will chair a facilitated series of discussions that will include all interested parties and be guided by a professional facilitator paid for by Tyco and reporting to DNR. Having requested DNRs leadership of this process and proposed it be facilitated at Tyco’s expense, Tyco is encouraged by the swift and helpful action of the DNR and looks forward to these discussions.

All the Options for Providing Long-Term Drinking Water on the Table for Discussion

Tyco remains committed to providing and paying for a long-term drinking water solution for residents impacted by PFAS from our historic operations.  Our engineering report and the one done by Cedar Corp for the Town of Peshtigo included a variety of options for delivering long-term water.  All of these options are on the table for consideration.

Let’s get to work to solve a problem and draw closer together as friends and neighbors. We are encouraged by this momentum and ready to make the promise of permanent clean water a reality.