New Surface Water Test Results Show Effectiveness of Ditch B Treatment System

Tyco using Ditch B upstream results to design a permanent source-control solution

We recently sent to WDNR, as well as property owners along Ditch B, the results of new surface water tests in the ditch. We tested both upstream from the existing Ditch B treatment system and downstream from it.

The results show that the Ditch B treatment system works effectively to remove PFAS from water.   Samples of water taken immediately after emerging from our treatment system are clean—PFAS is removed by the system.  Water samples taken at a point 10 feet downstream show some PFAS but at levels well below the Wisconsin proposed standards—a marked improvement from readings taken in July at the same point.  As we shared previously, PFAS levels were unacceptably high at that point because unusually wet weather led to significant volumes of water bypassing the system and not getting treated.

The water upstream in Ditch B was tested as well, as part of our effort now to move from interim measures toward a permanent source-control solution. As expected, this area of Ditch B has elevated levels of PFAS.  The data is critical since it enables us to pinpoint where most of the PFAS contamination is entering the ditch, so we know where the permanent treatment system needs to be located to stop the PFAS pollution.

We will continue to update you and work closely with the WDNR as we move forward together to design and build a permanent treatment solution that will cut the Ditch B PFAS off at its source.

We will also be sharing over the next few weeks with WDNR, and via this website, new test results on PFAS levels in fish tissue, groundwater and soil samples, which will continue to inform our path forward to permanent solutions.