Possibility of Smoke from Testing at the Fire Technology Center

At the Fire Technology Center (FTC), we test our lifesaving firefighting products inside our test houses and in outdoor test areas to ensure that they will work properly when first responders need them. We also train first responders, primarily in the summer months, to fight fires so they can do their jobs effectively and return safely home to their families. We stopped testing firefighting foam blended with PFAS outdoors more than 3 years ago and now only use this area to test Tyco products that do not contain PFAS such as handheld dry powder extinguishers. All of these activities can result in visible smoke. All of our testing at the FTC is covered by and complies with a permit issued by WDNR called a Minor Source Air Permit.

There is no regular schedule for when these tests occur. In the summer, testing typically occurs Tuesday-Thursday. At all times, testing occurs during normal business hours – from 6 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. If you see smoke and have any questions, you can call 715-582-7100.