Project Update

On the afternoon of October 15, a tanker transporting foam and water mixture stopped at a stop sign on our property. Unknown to the driver or technician that filled the tank, a top hatch on the truck was not fully secured. The top hatch is not used by onsite personnel, and so we believe the hatch was open before the truck arrived at our site.  When the truck stopped, approximately 30 gallons of the foam and water mixture splashed out of the open hatch. We immediately cleaned the mixture up and removed the gravel where the spill occurred.  A similar occurrence happened this past week and also was immediately cleaned up. We have put in place a strict inspection regime under which we will inspect all tanker hatches prior to filling a tanker. Tankers will not be filled until all hatches are confirmed to be closed.

On September 25, a container was prematurely opened while being moved, resulting in the release of material that may have contained PFAS.  The majority of the material was immediately contained, but we estimate approximately one gallon may have entered a storm water catch basin due to heavy rains. All the water in the catch basin was quickly pumped out and properly disposed of, and we believe that no material exited from the storm sewer.  We will ensure that the potential for this kind of release continues to be minimized and that if one occurs, the procedures used in this case are employed again.

We have reported these matters to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and we are evaluating whether any additional preventative measures may be necessary in the future.