Update on Our Recent Efforts

We have undertaken significant efforts to implement measures with respect to PFAS found in ground and drinking water that may have originated from our facility in Marinette.

Here is some of what we have done to date:

  • we have tested private wells, surface and ground water, soil and sediment;
  • we have installed filtration systems in the homes of residents, even where PFAS compounds were found at levels significantly below the EPA health advisory level;
  • we have tested ditches in the area, leading us to proactively develop filtration treatment systems for two area ditches, one of which is already installed and operational; and
  • we have offered bottled water to residents in the area.

With respect to our 2013 testing that has been reported: in 2013 we conducted testing at our Marinette Fire Technology Center (FTC) that showed readings of PFAS. These tests had nothing to do with drinking water. The readings were in the center of our 380-acre facility, and we had no reason at that time to believe that these compounds had migrated outside of our property or that there was any linkage to the area’s drinking water. In fact, the vast majority of drinking water in Marinette is supplied via municipal water systems. It was only when we drilled new borings near the perimeter of our FTC that we saw possible migration of the compounds away from our testing field, and upon learning this information, we worked with the Wisconsin DNR to create and implement a plan to test outside of the facility.

We continue to work with DNR and the City of Marinette to find a permanent drinking water solution for impacted homes in the Peshtigo area. We remain committed to this community and its safe drinking water.