Ongoing Investigative Work

As part of the work plan that we submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in March 2018, we have been conducting additional investigations of groundwater, soil, ditches and surface water in and around the Fire Technology Center (FTC) in Marinette and the Town of Peshtigo. In following that plan, we collected surface water samples in two ditches that run through and near the FTC and lead to Green Bay.

The laboratory results for those samples from the ditches have been received, and PFAS has been detected in the samples.

Due to the locations of the ditches and the proximity to Green Bay, we’re focusing our efforts to determine the pathways of these compounds entering the ditches and to identify potential interim measures to address PFAS in the ditches. We are working closely with DNR to obtain approval for work plans and the necessary permits to remove the compounds from the water that are flowing through the ditches. We view this as a current priority.

We have no information that indicates water in the ditches is used for drinking water purposes.

Notwithstanding, we take these results seriously. We are moving immediately to consult with DNR on the interim action steps that we can take. We are also moving quickly to collect samples from some other ditches in the City of Marinette and Town of Peshtigo that have not been sampled to date. We will continue to be transparent and keep the community, as well all interested parties, informed of our progress in finalizing these interim action steps.