Response to DNR request to conduct further testing at resident property on County Road B

We have previously conducted numerous tests of the groundwater running between the property on County Road B and Tyco’s Fire Technology Center (FTC). These tests have demonstrated that any PFAS at this location is not associated with the FTC. In addition, the chemical characteristics reported in the laboratory results that this homeowner obtained is different from what is in the groundwater associated with the FTC.

We declined the DNR’s request based on this data, which we have shared with agency in the past. It is critical that the DNR now takes the necessary steps to identify all other sources of PFAS in the community to ensure that they are stopped.

Tyco will continue to do its part and stands behind our responsibility to the communities in Marinette and the Town of Peshtigo. We have spent millions of dollars on the FTC remediation project and will continue to do everything we can to ensure impacted residents have safe and clean drinking water.