Southern Area Groundwater Evaluation Update

We recently finished an extensive evaluation of the groundwater in the area south of the current boundaries of the site investigation area, known as the “Southern Area,” and submitted a report with our data and analysis to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

The report concludes that the low levels of PFAS in the Southern Area are not a result of  our firefighting foam used at the Fire Technology Center (FTC). The types of PFAS detected in FTC-impacted groundwater share consistent characteristics that are distinctly different from the PFAS detected in the Southern Area. Additionally, after reviewing the geological makeup of the area, including how groundwater and surface water flows from one location to another, it is clear that it is not plausible that PFAS from the FTC could have migrated from the property to the Southern Area.

Our analysis shows that in this area there is likely an isolated local source or sources of PFAS not associated with the FTC and  unrelated to the firefighting foam used at our FTC property. We are discussing this information with the WDNR and will encourage them to begin the process of working to identify where this newly-identified PFAS is coming from.

Q&A regarding this topic can be found here: Southern Area Groundwater Q&A.