Tyco continues foam monitoring

Since late April, Tyco Fire Products has conducted daily foam monitoring inspections at three locations at Ditches B and C. We have also placed booms that would block any foam from moving downstream between our observations. Over the past three weeks, Tyco has collected and removed seven gallons of foam from these locations. This foam is being stored off-site and will be tested to ensure it is properly disposed of.

As we have previously noted, foam sightings occur after unusually wet seasons, as we’ve experienced this past winter and spring. The WDNR’s website states that, “the movement of wind and waves on lakes, and turbulence in rivers and streams can naturally create foam that floats on top of the water or accumulates along the shore.”

Much of this foam is likely to have come from natural sources. Weather conditions and decreasing water levels in the ditches should continue to result in fewer foaming events. However, we will continue to conduct monitoring inspections and remain in contact with the WDNR on these efforts.