Tyco & DNR Met with Town of Peshtigo Supervisors to Discuss Long-Term Solution for Clean Drinking Water

Facilitated discussions with all interested parties to begin by end of September.

On Friday, July 30, representatives from Tyco and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) attended a Special Town of Peshtigo Supervisors Meeting to provide information and address questions about the process to identify and deliver a long-term, permanent drinking water solution to residents impacted by PFAS from historic operations at Tyco’s Fire Technology Center (FTC).

Tyco has been requesting a meeting of this sort for some time and is encouraged by this initial, positive discussion.  The senior executive overseeing the PFAS remediation for Tyco, Katie McGinty, and Former EPA Regional Administrator and lead Tyco consultant on the waterline, Mary Gade, attended in person to provide information and answer questions. Tyco is following up by sending to the Board studies of water options previously conducted by Tyco/Arcadis, as well as an independent study by Cedar Corp on behalf of the Town of Peshtigo, which was funded by Tyco. Tyco has paid $162,000 to date for consultants hired by the Town and has made clear its continued commitment to pay for the technical and legal resources necessary to support the Town in its consideration of clean water options.

Christine Haag, Director of Remediation & Redevelopment Program at DNR, also shared the progress being made by DNR for a facilitated series of discussions that will be led by senior leadership at the DNR, attended by all interested parties, and guided by a professional facilitator.  Tyco is encouraged by this positive response from DNR to Tyco’s request that senior DNR leadership launch a process through which the parties could find common ground, as well as Tyco’s suggestion that the process be supported by an independent, experienced facilitator to be selected by DNR and paid for by Tyco.

Having first proposed in March of 2019 a municipal water line as a permanent source of clean drinking water for the residents of the Town of Peshtigo affected by PFAS from historic activities at the FTC, and making clear then and continuously that Tyco will pay to build that waterline, Tyco is relieved and encouraged by signs that that the key parties might now be aligning and that the promise of permanent clean water might finally be getting closer to reality.