Tyco encouraged that DNR will look for other sources of PFAS compounds

New testing confirms compounds in Peshtigo River not from firefighting foam.

We are encouraged by the DNR’s statement that it “will identify PFAS compounds as well as the sources of PFAS which may be causing the foam.” Tyco has been urging this action since July. The DNR’s test results clearly demonstrate there are significant sources of PFAS compounds in the area that have nothing to do with Tyco’s firefighting foam. The DNR’s results identify high levels of other PFAS compounds that are only associated with industries like paper and packaging manufacturers and facilities that use PFAS-based coatings. The DNR has recognized these industries as “known sources of PFAS compounds.” In addition, based on how water moves locally, Tyco’s properties could not plausibly have affected these test locations. Thus, the foam the DNR tested stems from these other compounds—it is not firefighting foam.