Tyco Offering Accelerated Well Testing Opportunity for Homes in Study Area

We were grateful for the opportunity to present our PFAS remediation plan to our neighbors at the Listening Session hosted by the WDNR on Wednesday, January 20th. We value the feedback and questions our neighbors shared with us, as well as the important information and insights shared by the WDNR and WDHS.

The purpose of this notice is to respond to the helpful feedback we received regarding well testing.

Specifically, one topic several neighbors raised was whether it might be possible to have their wells re-tested by Tyco in advance of their normally scheduled time under our water testing program. Most homes have been offered up to nine seasonal testing opportunities through this initiative over the past three years and are part of the ongoing testing opportunities we provide.

While many neighbors have been opting out of the latest rounds of testing (for example, last quarter only 4 out of 33 neighbors requested sampling), we are happy to honor the request neighbors made at the listening session and move up testing for any interested neighbor in our testing program. Next week, we will reach out and offer an accelerated testing opportunity to all those in our study area. In this effort we will test for all 36 PFAS analytes, which include Cycle 11 analytes.