Tyco response to July 7 WDNR “Southern Boundary” letter

We are glad the WDNR has indicated they will test for PFAS in the area south of the current boundaries of the Fire Technology Center site investigation area, otherwise known as the “Southern Area.”

In May, we shared a comprehensive 1,000-page report, which including significant testing data and analysis, with the WDNR that clearly demonstrated PFAS in this area did not come from our firefighting foam or the Fire Technology Center. There is no reliable scientific evidence suggesting otherwise. Therefore, under Wisconsin law, Tyco cannot be an appropriate responsible party to perform investigation work in this area.

PFAS have been used in many consumer products and industrial processes since the 1940s. As part of the WDNR’s activity in the “Southern Area,” the agency cannot simply test for whether or not PFAS exists. They must also work to identify where PFAS is coming from and bring those parties responsible together so this issue can be resolved in the best possible manner to protect the community. We have offered to provide them assistance in this process; however, the WDNR has yet to take us up on this offer.