Tyco Response to WDNR’s May 28th Letter

On June 1st, Tyco responded to WDNR’s May 27 letter by offering to undertake several additional steps to increase understanding of PFAS in the community, and to work with WDNR to identify other sources of PFAS in the area south and west of the Fire Technology Center (FTC). Tyco also offered to take additional steps at Ditch A, including conducting more testing and installing equipment that will provide additional data on the area.

But the company did not agree to test more than 500 private wells in an expanded Southern Boundary area, as the data clearly indicates neither Tyco nor our products are responsible for the PFAS in this area. There is no way that PFAS from the FTC, given the geology of the area, could be connected to the groundwater in this area. Additionally, as WDNR has acknowledged, PFAS can come from many different sources, many of which can be found in the Marinette area, including paper mills, metal finishing, textiles and even dry cleaning. This means there are many other responsible parties for the contamination in this area, none of which WDNR has identified.

Our previous findings, conveyed to WDNR in March, clearly indicated that Tyco is not responsible for PFAS found in the area south of the existing study area.

The full June 1st letter sent to the WDNR can be read here.