Tyco submits report evaluating PFAS movement from FTC in outdoor air

On June 8, Tyco submitted a report to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) that concluded there is no evidence that PFAS from the FTC would have transported through the air and into groundwater outside our property at levels above Wisconsin’s proposed standard of 20 parts per trillion. This conclusion was based on a detailed analysis of five years of local wind conditions in the area to create model PFAS migration in air. We also comprehensively reviewed all PFAS soil and groundwater samples collected to date and the chemical makeup of PFAS in firefighting foams.

Tyco has never manufactured PFAS at the FTC or Stanton Street sites. There is no smokestack at either site, and thus, PFAS are not emitted into the air. This is much different from other non-Tyco PFAS manufacturing sites in the area where PFAS are directly discharged into the air.

Additionally, the only other way PFAS would have gotten into the air is through the use of firefighting foams during testing or training exercises on our FTC property. Those activities took place at the center of our property and were stopped in 2017. An air model analysis, as well as soil and groundwater PFAS data, show a low probability that any PFAS compounds traveled by air off our property.

We believe that the data and analysis we have provided the WDNR is sufficient and demonstrates that it is unnecessary to expand the site investigation area.