Tyco to donate $1.3 million to Marinette for purchase of biosolid dewatering equipment

Marinette’s City Council voted last night to accept Tyco’s offer to provide the funds to buy equipment that will allow the city to more easily and effectively dispose of biosolids from its wastewater treatment facility.

As a leading employer in the region, and a company committed to environmental stewardship, Tyco offered this $1.3 million donation for the equipment that will help the city treat and transport its biosolids.

In a statement, Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot welcomed the donation. “We appreciate Tyco’s $1.3 million financial donation, which allows the city to address this important issue.”

While test data shows there are other sources of PFAS in Marinette’s wastewater, the company recognizes its role in helping the community deal with the challenges created by the biosolids.

“We are pleased the City of Marinette has accepted our voluntary offer to pay the full cost and installation of the biosolid equipment,” said Jim Cox, senior manager of marketing communications for Tyco.  “The equipment will make it easier and less expensive for the City to ship and dispose of its biosolids. This contribution is another example of our ongoing commitment to our community. The city’s leadership on this important infrastructure improvement was essential, and Tyco appreciates the chance to work with the city to move the project forward.”

The company previously donated $3 million to the City for the testing, removal, treatment and disposal of biosolids from the City’s biosolid holding tanks.

Tyco will continue to work with local government leaders and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to reduce the impact of PFAS in the community.