Tyco’s Initial Response to WDNR’s Notice of Noncompliance and Offer to Assist with Communications to Landowners JCI/Tyco Biosolids – Multiple Landspreading Fields BRRTS #02-38-583856

“The real question today is the WDNR’s actions, not Tyco’s. The WDNR continues to allow the unregulated discharge of PFAS into the environment from commonly known sources of PFAS including paper manufacturing, metals processing, consumer goods and more.  We now know that the WDNR has permitted the continued application of millions of gallons of biosolids from these kinds of entities–without limit as to PFAS concentration or even requiring testing to ensure the WDNR would know what the PFAS levels are in those biosolids.  Tyco stopped actions that were contributing to PFAS in the environment more than 4 years ago.  Even very recent studies show that the greatest amount of PFAS going to Green Bay comes from the Fox River where Tyco has no manufacturing at all. Why has the WDNR not called on other sources to stop but instead has allowed business as usual and additional PFAS loading into the environment.”