Update from Township of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors Meeting

Last week, the Township of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors granted us the approvals necessary to allow us to survey the town roads. We are pleased they took this action and we are grateful for their attention to this matter, as it is an important first step in developing the plans to achieve our goal of connecting residents in the Township of Peshtigo to a municipal water supply by the end of 2020.

Regarding the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, which was recently formed and consists of 11 teachers, scientists and residents, we will make ourselves available to meet with them, and provide them the appropriate information to help them meet their goals. We believe the Committee will be an important part of this process and we support their involvement.

Finally, we recognize the frustration voiced by residents about the relationship with Cedar Corporation. We want to be clear: We will commit the necessary resources to Cedar Corporation to review our approach for the planned municipal water line for the study area and the evaluation of other options for drinking water. We will update them on our progress to date and address any other questions they may have.  

While we will commit to supporting Cedar’s work, we continue to believe that connecting the residents in the study area within the Township of Peshtigo to a municipal supply is the right solution. It is a long-term and sustainable fix to provide a reliable drinking water supply for the study area residents. As you may be aware, we have looked at many different options and we believe this is the one that makes the most sense.

We hope this clarifies this matter.