Update on Stanton Street Site Investigation Plan

We recently learned that in 2016 ChemDesign (a company that leases property on Tyco’s Stanton Street facility) began testing a firefighting foam system in one of its buildings.  ChemDesign used contractors to conduct the tests, including in 2017 and 2018 SimplexGrinnell, a member of the Tyco family of companies.  The tests were all conducted in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s requirements, which Wisconsin has adopted.

As part of the testing a small amount of foam concentrate was used in order to confirm that the system was working properly.  The areas where the tests took place are part of a robust containment system Tyco installed several years ago around the Stanton Street facility.  That system consists of both a wall that contains groundwater within the facility and a pumping system that either removes PFAS from the groundwater or pumps the water to a truck for off-site disposal by a licensed third-party contractor.  Therefore, no groundwater containing any PFAS from this testing should have been released from the facility.

ChemDesign has since ceased testing foam in this manner.  We have informed the DNR of the issue and will address this under our existing Stanton Street Site Investigation Plan.  We will continue to work closely with DNR on our remediation activities at Stanton Street and our Fire Training Center.