Welcome to Our Newly Re‑designed Website

Thank you for visiting our updated website. We changed the site in order to provide easier access to up-to-date information about the project at Tyco’s Fire Technology Center in Marinette, Wisconsin and neighboring communities.  

It is our hope that the improved design and expanded information will provide you with a better experience and keep you better informed about key developments and updates about the project.

Within the new site, you will find more information about our plans, background on the history of the site and product, updated FAQs, and more resources. We will also be posting regular updates to the site.

As you navigate the new site, we encourage you to share feedback with us about how we can continue to take steps to improve our communications with you. Please share any feedback here or call us at 715-582-7100. We have also moved all the content from the old site into the new site; however, you can still find the old site archived at this link: https://tycomarinette.com/archive.

Thank you for your patience as we made these changes to the website. We hope you will find it useful.