Groundwater Test Results Provide Further Guidance on Location of Permanent PFAS Source-Control Solution

The results of new groundwater tests reported to property owners and the WDNR today are consistent with the surface water test results reported earlier this week. Together, these results will enable us to move from interim measures toward a permanent source-control solution.

The groundwater samples were taken in the same locations as the surface water samples upstream and downstream from the existing Ditch B treatment system but from beneath the bottom of the ditch. Also consistent with the previously shared surface water results, the groundwater results in this area also show elevated levels of PFAS.

Combined with the surface water results, this additional data provides further guidance to precisely identify where the most PFAS contamination from the Tyco Fire Technology Center is entering Ditch B so we know exactly where to locate the permanent source-control solution to stop PFAS infiltration into Ditch B.